About Us

Earthly Delight cabin in the woods.Since 1994 Earthly Delight has been creating the most luxurious natural soap possible in the United States. We lived amongst an Amish community for 12 years and learned a great deal from their way of life. Like the Amish, we believe we can enjoy our Earth without abusing it, and that is how we run our company. Now, living in Florida, our soap is created with much sunshine in our little "factory" behind our home in the woods.

We add only ingredients that are biodegradable like oatmeal or peppermint leaves and color our soaps with herbs and spices or environmentally safe colorants.  For scent, we use the finest essential and nature identical oils available today. 

Our soap is a handmade, cold processed soap using the finest olive, coconut and palm oils, spring water, sodium hydroxide, essential oils and fragrance oils. The cold processed method we use (also called the "kettle" method), is the traditional technique, used for centuries, for making soap. This timeless approach creates a pure soap that gently cleans without stripping away natural body oils. Glycerin, a naturally occurring by-product of producing soap, remains in the bars to moisturize the skin. As an added benefit, natural soap leaves no film or residue on your skin, thereby allowing your skin to breath. Each batch is hand stirred and cured for 4 weeks so that every bar has a rich creamy lather that won't dry out your skin.

Throughout the years we have added products that we feel will be enjoyed and beneficial to our select customers.  This means that we add only products that will enhance the whole bathing experience and are not animal based or tested.   In 2005 we introduced the spa-in-the-box, aka, Loofa Soap Garden, bringing nature and relaxation into your everyday bathing experience.

NONE of our products contain: Animal fats, by-products or testing, and no petroleum, so be rest assured when you use Earthly Delight products you are not harming our precious planet. 

We are confident that once you try our soap, bath products and soy candles you will instantly feel the difference between the mass-produced, chemically filled products and our wholesome "make you feel good" line of products.  Your skin will feel great when it is no longer a haven for all the harsh chemicals found in commercial products and our planet will benefit when you use products designed to use our resources without abusing them.