Find a Better Solution With Our Organic Soaps

22nd May 2014

Have you ever thought about what is really in the soap that you buy at the store? The soap that we use day after day to clean our hands, faces and bodies, often leaves our skin feeling dry, tight and itchy--that is because most of these kinds of soaps are littered with harsh chemicals. The following is a list of just a few of the toxic chemicals that are found in the soap that we use every single day:

  • Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS)- This is one of the most common toxic ingredients found in soap. It can permeate your skin incredibly easily and it can increase your skin's susceptibility for other chemicals to permeate the skin as well. This can irritate the skin, lead to toxicity in the organs, disrupt your hormones and can cause you to be more vulnerable to mood disorders.
  • Formaldehyde- This commonly found toxic chemical can weaken your immune system, which can lower your body's resistance to disease. It can also cause chronic fatigue, respiratory disorders, headaches and irregular heartbeat.
  • Dioxane- Many people mistake this ingredient as an innocuous one, but in reality this is a carcinogenic chemical that can be toxic to the liver, kidneys and the brain. 

These are just a few of the many dangerous chemicals that you can find in the soap that you buy at the store. It is time to find a better solution with our organic soaps. At Earthly Delight we offer a wide variety of high quality, eco friendly soap that is made of only the very best, all-natural ingredients. Stop risking your health every time you wash your hands. Shop with us today for the very best organic soaps around.