Find Your New Favorite Eco Friendly Soap

8th Jun 2014

Are you sick of exposing yourself to a variety of toxins every single time you take a shower or wash your hands? Have you been searching high and low for a better solution? Look no further, you have come to the right place! Here at Earthly Delight, we create the most luxurious eco friendly soap around. Each and every bar that we create is made of the finest, all-natural ingredients. Instead of leaving your skin feeling tight, itchy and dry, our soaps will leave you feeling soft and clean.

We have a huge selection of the most incredible organic soaps on the market. With so many great options for you to choose from you are probably thinking, "How do I choose the right soap for me?"  That very issue is why we are proud to present the Six Pack of Natural Soap Bars. This package deal allows you to select six of our incredible soaps. You can either choose which options you want, or we can surprise you! Either way, we are confident that you will love the products you get. Right now is the perfect time for you to order this incredible package because you can get your own bottle of our exquisite body butter for free! Don't wait, this amazing offer ends June 30th!

Stop exposing your skin to harsh chemicals and toxins. Find a gentler, more luxurious option with the help of our famous organic soaps. You are going to love how your skin will feel when you use our incredible soap. Order your six pack today!