Jewelweed to treat poisen ivy, stings and bug bites???

Posted by Sandy on 20th May 2013

Hmmmm?  Jewelweed as a miricle cure for Poisen Ivy?  According to Wikipedia the answer is, not really.  However, having said that I know of many people who swear by the use of Jewelweed when they come in contact with poisen ivy.  I also have Jewelweed in my personal freezer and use it on guests and our family if we come in contact with poisen ivy or bee stings here on the farmette.  Does it work?  I think so, at least for me.  Maybe it works because I don't have to buy some unknown chemical at the store and psychologically I feel better.  Who knows?  Will our Jewelweed Natural Soap relieve the symptoms of Poisen Ivy itch or rash or the "ouch" of bee stings and bug bites?  We don't know for sure, as this is the first year we made this deliciously musty smelling soap.  But, it sure can't hurt washing with our new Jewelweed Natural Soap with a fantastic musty earth aroma.   So use it every day, just to enjoy!

Now here is a video from Youtube just for the fun of it.