Natural Soap Lesson 1

Posted by Sandy, The Soap Hero on 30th Sep 2014

Chamomile Lavender Soap Bars

People think that I make soap, just soap.  No big deal, right?  Wrongola!   Most people think that the mass produced, yes cheaper bars, that they can buy at the grocery store, is the same stuff - soap.  Nope.  And here is why in a nutshell: Most commercial "soap" makers really make a "not really soap" product because the rule is that if you introduce petroleum into a cleaning product that product then gets shot out of the "soap" realm - and this matters, and I'll tell you why.  True soap actually rinses off your skin, (it's a whole chemical reaction thing that I'll go into in another soap lesson) and petroleum based cleansers "stick" to your skin and creates a barrier on your skin not allowing it to breath.  And while I am not a scientist, let me tell you how i came to this conclusion.  Shower with Dove, lets say, or Irish Spring, rinse off, get dressed and tell me what you smell like.  Ten dollars say you'll  smell like the bar you showered with.  Think about that.  The product is still on your skin!  It's that silly petroleum they put in their body cleaners.  See, they can't call it soap if they add petroleum.  Adding petroleum creates a "detergent" and cannot be labeled as "soap".  Thats why things you think were soap are actually detergents which would explain why "soap" is not on the wrapper.  Don't believe me?  Next time you go to the store, read what those bars say on the package.  You're gonna see things like, Beauty Bar, Deodorant bar, Cleaning Scrub, on and on, but very seldom will you see the word soap.  (Ivory IS actually a soap, so check that one out compared to others.)  So now you know why you smell like that bar you washed with when you use a commercial bar of "soap" (not:).  In the next blog lesson I'll explain why a true handmade soap allows your skin to breath and why you are not overwhelmed with the smell of our soap chasing you around all day!