Pure Spring water for our natural vegan soap

Posted by Sandra Comeau on 4th Nov 2014

Environmental concerns are the buzz nowadays for companies who want to sell, sell, sell. It doesn’t matter what product they sell: handmade vegan soap, fancy cars, candy bars or vacation rentals. I was concerned about the environment long before it was hip to do so and concluded long ago that it is impossible to do anything on this earth without leaving a carbon footprint. Even the act of breathing or cows pooping leave a carbon footprint. But, I have always believed that humans can enjoy the earth in a non-abusive way, and beginning with pure Spring water for my cold process soap is but one way we, I, Earthly Delight Soap, Co., create bars of wonderful natural vegan soap to enjoy while still being mindful of our environment.

I am truly fortunate to make a living from making something that most of us want and use everyday, soap, and feel proud to produce it in the most environmentally conscientious way. One of the ways I do this is to use the purist natural soap ingredients possible, but it really all starts with the Spring water. Anyone who comes to visit us in rural Angola, Indiana is usually recruited to a trip to Pokagon State Park where a tapped free flowing Spring is available for people to get real water without purchasing a plastic bottle of Spring water that huge corporations have turned into a multi-million dollar gimmick (but, that’s another story!),   The pure Spring water at Pokagon State Park is free, delicious, and the exact same water you might buy in a plastic bottle at the grocery store. The difference is that we physically gather it in clean, recycled Orange Juice containers that we use for years. We trek down a hill, and back up the hill loaded with gallons of water. Sometimes we sweat, sometimes we wear boots and winter gear but, we always enjoy the journey as it slows us down and gives us a connection to the earth and a chance to take in the beautiful surroundings of nature.

Of course this is only one aspect of many that we embrace to making wonderful natural soap, and hopefully leaving the smallest carbon footprint that we can.  Enjoy the soap and think of the cool, clear Spring water we started with to make your wonderful artisan soap.