Soap Dimensions are Changing

Posted by Sandra Comeau on 31st Mar 2014

We will be changing the size of our Earthly Delight Natural Soap bars, well dimensions really. The weight will be the same, colors will be the same, so don't worry that we are changing the perfect soap we have been making for the last 16 years that you have come to love. During the next few week when you order our soap bars, you might get the new style, or the old - depends on inventory levels.

Why are we changing? For many reasons, but mainly from a production viewpoint we wanted a system that created a more consistent sized bar. For consistency sake we developed a new style mold and cutting system. You'll be getting the same amount of soap in weight, actually a tad more as we now have no waste, for the exact same price. You will now be able to easily cut your bar in half and still have a nice sized bar. If you choose to cut the bar in half, you will be bathing with half the surface, using less soap, thereby saving yourself some moola! If this doesn't make sense to you, just trust me or consult the physics or math wiz in your family. You may like the new larger surface of the bar. But you will have the option of cutting it smaller.

So there ya go. Enjoy!

Sandy Comeau