Organic Soaps for Him

30th Jun 2014

Is the man in your life just a breathing set of tools?  Someone to take out the garbage, change a lightbulb?  A touch on the sexist side, right?  Well, lets not be sexist about thinking … read more

Find Your New Favorite Eco Friendly Soap

8th Jun 2014

Are you sick of exposing yourself to a variety of toxins every single time you take a shower or wash your hands? Have you been searching high and low for a better solution? Look no further, you have c … read more

Find a Better Solution With Our Organic Soaps

22nd May 2014

Have you ever thought about what is really in the soap that you buy at the store? The soap that we use day after day to clean our hands, faces and bodies, often leaves our skin feeling dry, tight and … read more