Tea Tree Oil Benefits

Posted by Sandy C. on 29th Jan 2014

Tea tree Oil is a pretty funky essential oil.  The first time I smelled a true Tea Tree Oil, I nearly gagged - yeah really.   However, research showed me  that Tea Tree Oil is used for a multiple of holistic and natural remedies, soap I decided to make a natural Tea Tree Peppermint Soap, and try and live in harmony with the aroma.   Over time, that doctor office smell from the 60's became fresh and enjoyable to my sniffer.  The more I learned about Tea Tree Oil, the more I used the soap and enjoyed it.   While I will never tell you that a soap or essential oil will cure anything that ails you, I am always of the opinion to try homeopathic first, then the Doctor prescribed drugs.  Fortunately, most of my homeopathic treatments work well for me, even though most my family think I'm an unlicensed voodoo-ist.  

For example, if I am in a store and someone has three kids in the line in front of me, they are all sneezing and coughing and snot running down their noses, it is almost inevitable that one of them wants to engage me in conversation which somehow leads to getting so close to me that I can see the little viruses floating toward me and drift up my nose to attack my immune system.  Perfect.  That's where my Tea Tree plan comes in to play.  I generally rush home, strip at the washing machine, toss in all my clothes and make a bee-line for the shower with some Tea Tree Peppermint soap.  I scrub from head to toe, yes, even washing my hair.  To some this must seem extreme, but trust me, all virus carrying children seek me out to destroy and this extreme behavior is my only defense.  Fortunately, I calculate, 97 times out of 100 this works, as I get very few colds.  Tea Tree oil or crazy?  I am not sure, but the shower sure feels good and cleansing.

I could list for you all the things Tea Tree Oil claims to cure, fix or heal, but that list just goes on forever.  Basically,  whatever ails you can be cured by Tea Tree Oil, according to someone here on the internet.  There are legit studies you can find on the internet, as well as the quackos.  But it never hurts for minor, non life threatening ailments to  try a holistic approach first before heading to the druggist.

Fortunately for you, we sell both Tea tree Oil and Tea Tree Peppermint Soap.  Phew, that was easy.