Bill Nye Saves the Planet

Posted by Sandra Comeau on 4th May 2017

You either believe in science or you don't. I do. Bill Nye does. I was watching Bill Nye when he was doing his kid show, back in the old days. If you don't know who he is Bill Nye the Scienc … read more

Pure Spring water for our natural vegan soap

Posted by Sandra Comeau on 4th Nov 2014

Environmental concerns are the buzz nowadays for companies who want to sell, sell, sell. It doesn’t matter what product they sell: handmade vegan soap, fancy cars, candy bars or vacation rentals. … read more

Natural Soap Lesson 1

Posted by Sandy, The Soap Hero on 30th Sep 2014

People think that I make soap, just soap.  No big deal, right?  Wrongola!   Most people think that the mass produced, yes cheaper bars, that they can buy at the grocery store, is the sa … read more

Organic Soaps for Him

30th Jun 2014

Is the man in your life just a breathing set of tools?  Someone to take out the garbage, change a lightbulb?  A touch on the sexist side, right?  Well, lets not be sexist about thinking … read more

Find Your New Favorite Eco Friendly Soap

8th Jun 2014

Are you sick of exposing yourself to a variety of toxins every single time you take a shower or wash your hands? Have you been searching high and low for a better solution? Look no further, you have c … read more