Find a Better Solution With Our Organic Soaps

22nd May 2014

Have you ever thought about what is really in the soap that you buy at the store? The soap that we use day after day to clean our hands, faces and bodies, often leaves our skin feeling dry, tight and … read more

Soap Dimensions are Changing

Posted by Sandra Comeau on 31st Mar 2014

We will be changing the size of our Earthly Delight Natural Soap bars, well dimensions really. The weight will be the same, colors will be the same, so don't worry that we are changing the perfect so … read more

Tea Tree Oil Benefits

Posted by Sandy C. on 29th Jan 2014

Tea tree Oil is a pretty funky essential oil.  The first time I smelled a true Tea Tree Oil, I nearly gagged - yeah really.   However, research showed me  that Tea Tree Oil is used f … read more

Jewelweed to treat poisen ivy, stings and bug bites???

Posted by Sandy on 20th May 2013

Hmmmm?  Jewelweed as a miricle cure for Poisen Ivy?  According to Wikipedia the answer is, not really.  However, having said that I know of many people who swear by the use of Jewelweed … read more

Why Sign Up for Our Newsletter?

Posted by Sandy on 25th Sep 2011

Why would anyone in their right mind sign up for ANOTHER newsletter?  There are 3 great reasons to sign up at Earthly Delight Soap:1 It's not very annoying because we mostly lack time to send the … read more