Does Earthly Delight have any testimonials I might peruse while I am bored today?


We don't write 'em, we just print what others have said to us in the last 17 years!


     I have palmar plantar psoriatic arthritis.  It is a kind of arthritis that causes psoriasis on the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet.  Very strange, I know.  My hands used to be in a constant state of cracking - very deep cracks that are slow to heal - then the skin thickens and they would crack again.  Oh, and lots of itching, all the time. 
     Since I started using your soaps I have been able to keep this condition under control.  Nothing can cure it, as it is internal - caused by the arthritis that I inherited.  But, your gentle soaps do not aggravate the condition and dry my skin like other soaps do.  No more cracking!
      Thanks for being in the soap business.  You have affected the quality of my life. 
Sincerely, Carol

Just wanted to leave you guys a note to say how much I appreciate your soaps.  I developed eczema back at the beginning of this year and since then the only soap I will use is your oatmeal soap.  Anything else makes me break out, but in conjunction with prescription treatment it has been much less of a nuisance for me.  

    This is soap I know I can trust, who knows what goes into store-bought soaps!  I intend to take a couple of the little gift-sized bars when I travel later in the month so that I can avoid the hotel soaps. Last year your soaps were Christmas gifts for my friends and co-workers, and I think I will be doing my Christmas shopping with you folks again this year.  With all the commercialism we have to deal with at Christmas, the earth-friendly element is really a bonus in my mind. 
    Thanks again so much for your excellent products.  Good soap means one less thing to worry about! 
Your loyal soap buyer,
Jessica, PA

"I just wanted to let you know that the bridal shower favors that I had ordered from you were AWESOME!!! You guys did such a great job with the wrappings, the smells of the soap were unbelievable. They were a big hit -  everyone loved them, especially the Bride to Be.   THANK YOU AGAIN."
Woodbury CT.

My young son and I both have very dry skin.  When my son was four and five years old, his fingertips used to get so dry they would split and the skin would peel off around the cracks.  They would hurt so bad, he would ask me to put bandages on them and boy, did that look strange.  Sometimes, he would have bandages on almost all of them.  He would also get dry, scaly patches on his arms and legs.  His pediatrician had me try a few different prescription creams but none of them worked.  My sister told me about Earthly Delight Soap, gave me a sample and we have been hooked since.  Using the baby soap has cleared up all his dry skin problems.  I am hoping you will be replacing the Oh Baby soap with a product equally as good.  I have found the body butter to be the only cream that prevents my dry skin, especially on my legs and elbows. I also love the soaps!

Thanks for the great products!
Gwen from Ohio

I want to thank you so much for sending me a copy of the July newsletter, and so quickly too!!  It is wonderful to have someone from a company respond so quickly to an email that I have sent them.  That tells me volumes about your customer service , and because of that, plus the choice of all kinds of great soaps that Earthly Delights offers, I placed an order today. :) :) :) :) :)   I look forward to receiving my order, and also to ordering from your company again in the future.

Deborah, Connecticut

Applesauce Inn has never had cleaner, softer or better smelling guests!  Your soaps are a joy, easily affordable and the larger bars have served as the bulk of our gift shop sales.  David and I use them religiously and are so grateful to have found you!  Thank you for your wonderful products and quick friendly service, you have garnered customers for life!

Wendy Keene, Innkeeper
Applesauce Inn Bed & Breakfast

I was introduced to Earthly Delight natural soap brand by a long time friend of mine (I'd tell you how long we've been friends, but that would also indicate our ages).  I immediately fell in love. I then purchased some for myself and as gifts along with soy candles. Everyone I've given them to fell in love; grandmother, mom, sister, friends, etc. I think they now EXPECT to receive Earthly Delight as their gift. How nervy is that!?! Of course I do as expected. I love the way my skin feels and how it makes my bathroom smell.  Keep up the good work

Loyal fan - Randy, Flushing, MI

I just had to write and tell you how glad I am that I decided to sell your soaps in my gift shop. My husband and I tried several "natural companies" and they were all good but yours was superior in lathering, fragrance, the way it made our skin feel, and of course the calico wrappings make it so special. It was a pleasure to order over the phone because you helped me select just the right fragrances to fit my needs. My order arrived promptly and I couldn't wait to tear open the package and get it out so my customers would be greeted by the lovely fragrances. We told our customers that we were going to try and sell the best and I believe we are. On a personal note I love washing my hands now, something in the past that wasn't a pleasure, but necessity, because they would dry out so much.   Now I look for excuses to get my hands on your soap. I LOVE YOUR SOAP AND YOUR COMPANY!!! I will be calling you soon to order the samples to give away you suggested on the phone and in the near future the Loofa Soap Garden, it is awesome.
Talk to you soon!

Carolyn Holderread
owner, Our Little Corner Gift Shop
Plymouth, Indiana

Just wrote to tell you we have received our first order of soap from you but it will not be our last, we love them!

Thank you.
Kristi N


I'm always hearing compliments from guests about "those little soaps in the guest rooms," but this one excerpt from a guest room diary was especially complimentary in which they write: "...the fragrance packed into your little Earthly Delight soaps stir up a whole host of memories and emotions. They really are powerful in their own subtle way." Sheri, Oak Park, IL
Dave Drees

I just wanted to write and let you know a few weeks ago I purchased a bunch of your soap to give as Christmas gifts. I saved only one bar for myself (mistake) and just started using it a few days ago. My skin is so much softer (felt like lizard skin before I used your soap) the soap lathers really nice and the scent is heavenly. I have just placed another order and am keeping all the soap for myself this time. To sum it all up, your soap creates showering nirvana :) I am completely addicted. Thanks for a great product.
Amy B

I'm SUPER excited about everyone's gifts this year.  it is a wonderful feeling to know that you're giving someone the absolute best - the best for them (and their health!) and for the environment too!  Yay for earthly delight soap!!
Emily from Texas
(Yeah, I know this looks as though we at Earthly Delight Soap wrote this one, but we didn't and if I'm lying may it rain frogs on my chickens!)

(This testimonial is from someone who was having trouble on our website because of a technical error)
Good morning Sandy,
First off, I have to tell you right away how impressed I am by your personal response and the time you took to explain it all to me.   I'm sure I still won't be a BIG buyer , but you've made a friend and a fan already. 


My son Connor has very sensitive skin, especially on his cheeks, but ever since we've been using your 'Oh Baby' soap on him his cheeks have been the way they're supposed to be - baby soft!  We were using Johnson&Johnson baby wash all through last winter, and were skeptical about changing over to a bar soap, but my husband and I agree (and I think Connor would, too) that your soap has been a lifesaver for us.  No more chapped red baby cheeks!  As a quick side note, we also bought your magnetic soap holder, and everyone who walks into our kitchen is so impressed at how cool that thing is!  We don't use any other soap in the kitchen - scrubbing with your soap each time we need to doesn't dry our our skin, and with winter coming, that's pretty important.  Thanks for the great soap!

The Honey and Soap arrived today!  The Honey is YUMMY!  Hubby was upset about me ordering honey, but once he tasted it, he said "NOW THIS IS WHAT HONEY IS SUPPOSED TO TASTE LIKE.  I think he will like the soap too, once he tries it.

I spent a lovely refreshing, relaxing night with my husband at the Springbrook Inn outside of
Houghton Lake, MI last night and used your Lilac Blossom soap, apparently the last bar Kathy had in the place--I loved it--not only was the scent heavenly, but it lathered nicely and left my skin feeling silky soft. I inquired of Kathy about purchasing some soap, and she laughed and told me she didn't have any more of that fragrance. Apparently she'd had a lengthy discussion with you about which scents to order for the Inn and you had tried to talk her into the Lilac Blossom, but she finally decided against it. So she said to be sure and tell you that I loved it and wanted to buy some more. Actually she gave me your brochure for innkeepers which has your website on it. I do plan to get an order together and place it on your website, however, Kathy wanted to make sure I told you about my interest in the Lilac Blossom soap, and I was was fearful I'd forget by the time I actually ordered - I'm thinking Christmas gifts, and soap for me! Thought I'd email now when it's fresh in my memory!

Take care and thank you for such wonderful soap. I'm looking forward to sampling lots of your products in the future.


Just wanted to let you know.   I Love your soap !!!  The lather is is like thick, creamy lotion, which felt like velvet on my dry, flaky, hands.  Good job!!!!  I am impressed, my hands are no longer flaky.  They actually feel smooth and silky.  I try everything I order before I use it in my gift baskets....glad I do....your soap is AWESOME!!!
Thank You,

I just wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed your soaps. The shampoo bar is wonderful! Seriously, my hair has never felt softer. Also, the soaps last a long time. I placed my last order 4/10/04 and I still have about 1/3 of the shampoo bar left and I just started on my 2nd cake of shaving soap (and I sometimes shave twice a day!). I used to get dry skin from my shaving creamed and that has disappeared. The Licorice Whip soap is great too. I used to have dry, eczema patches on my legs and those have cleared up.
Thank you again for your wonderful products.

Holland, MI

I just had to write and tell you how impressed I am with both your soaps and  your service!   I had no idea how quickly my order would arrive, or how luxurious the soap would feel. And the scents...heaven! I have told all my friends about your products and will also be doing quite a bit of Christmas shopping on your site this year. Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful array of products.

Michelle G.

I just want to say wow!  Your service is so quick.  I placed my order on Wednesday afternoon and received it on Friday afternoon.  I found your soap at the Century Center @ the Shipshewana on the Road Show.  It is the best soap I have ever used.  I also bought some soap with my order for my dog.  I have to tell you he hates baths but he was intrigued by the smell.  He kept sniffing at it till I gave him a bath Friday night.  He has never been so soft.  He feels like he has  puppy fur again.  Thanks for getting me my order so quickly and for making such a great product.  

Hi, I just wanted to write to tell you (as I'm sure hundreds of people do) that your soap, to my way of thinking, has pretty much saved my life. 
In September 2003, I went with my 11 year old daughter to her sixth grade camp, she discovered allergies and I discovered a change in my skin.  After returning home, my skin itched uncontrollably and I was found switching bath soaps, laundry detergents and giving myself alcohol sponge baths - anything to make the terrible itching stop.  No - I had not come into contact with poison ivy or any other plant - my skin though was dry, itchy, flaky and I would scratch till I bled.  My mother who is 68 years old, had a bar of your Sweet Sensations Soap left and offered it to me and promised it would help.  The very day she gave it to me I came home and took a shower and the difference was absolutely dramatic.
My skin was soft again and after only one use I knew I was hooked.  One of the bad things going on was that I was becoming afraid to wash/shower/bathe because I knew that I would scratch and itch.  Since receiving just that one bar, I cannot wait to come home from work or come in from working in my yard or doing any other task and take a shower and indulge myself.  No longer do I jump in and jump out - I take my time and make sure that I've covered everything.  Also, I have used the soap on my face and I am so totally amazed - though from my neck down it was terrible - my face stayed oily so much so that I would run my fingers across my cheek and my fingers would be slick.  Now using Sweet Sensations even my facial skin has changed - I don't need oil changes every couple of hours and the skin is soft and feels cleaner.  I have even taken a small sliver of the bar I was given to work for those times when my skin feels like it is starting to dry out which sometimes happens in my office.
In closing, let me thank you once again for being my life saver/skin saver.  You cannot know how desperate I had become for some kind of relief and your soap has provided it and made a complete difference.

Vicki B.
Toledo, OH

Note: After receiving this email titled "Life Saving" I explained to Vicki how commercial soaps leave a film on your skin where as our natural soap does not - it actually rinses off your skin and allows your skin to "breath".   And her severe itching caused by who knows what, was compounded by commercial cleansers that were covering her skin and covering the problem.  I was tickled pink that our soap brought her relief!  Eight years perfecting our soap recipe was worth just this one letter!  Sandy Comeau 

Dear Sandy,
Just had to write you to let you know via e-mail how much I love your soap. Usually I've called in my order or see you at the craft show you did in Pleasant Ridge (I think that is the right one).  This time I ordered via the internet - it sure is convenient even though I did enjoy chatting with you on the phone.   I can't wait for my soap to come - I am really out of soap - I only have a tiny bit left.   Thanks again so much for an absolutely outstanding product.  I ordered something new, the shampoo soap and can't wait to try it.  Your soap is such a treasure!!!
Thanks again,

Nancy G.
Warren, MI

(9.6.03 - Post Script after Nancy received her order):
 Just a quick note to let you know how much I love the shampoo bar - it is great - smells wonderful!! and lathers so much!  Just love it!!  You could use my comments anytime - I think your soap is outstanding! Thanks for the bar of chocolate mint truffle -smells good enough to eat!  I really love how great my skin feels after using your soap its like using soap and lotion all at once.  Thanks for such great products!

Dear Sandy,
I can not live without your soap.  I ran out and I'm breaking out in rashes from all other soaps.  The Body Butter Cream is out of this world.  I used Camille Beckman hand cream.  I have used it for 10 yrs.  I'm now switching to your Butter Cream.  You make the best soap and cream.  I have very sensitive skin and I get so many compliments on my face from using your soap.  I'm 52 years old and my skin looks a lot younger from the use of your soap.  I want to compliment you on your speedy delivery of your products through the mail.  Keep up the good work! You are serving the world with your soap & other products.

Plymouth, MI

Our guests are completely charmed by the Earthly Delight soaps.  They are all natural, deliciously aromatic and moisturizing and the calico packaging is homespun and delightful.
Christina Towell

We're so happy to provide your Earthly Delights Soap for our Bed and Breakfast guests.  We love the natural ingredients and the scents are sensational. Thanks for offering a quality product that fits perfectly into our whole plan of providing pampering service and amenities to our guests.
Herb & Ruth Boven Innkeepers, 

Almost as much as coffee,  I need Earthly Delight's soap, particularly "peaceful interlude" to start my day.  It's lovely, comforting smell and rich lathering bubbles have become the "way I begin my day."  Your soap is also THE gift we give to my kids' teachers.  This holiday season, my son asked me,  "Do you have enough of the soap so I can give it to all of my teachers?"  Everyone loves it.
I am one of your biggest fans and appreciate the great care you take in creating a wonderful product that is kind to our spirit!  Thank you, Sandy

Huntington Woods, MI

My husband is a teacher and usually gets up a few minutes earlier in the
morning than I do.  He jumps in the shower and I wake up to the incredible scent of "Rosemary and Herb!"  Some people like to wake up to the smell of fresh coffee brewing, but for me nothing says "good morning" like Earthly Delight soap!

Royal Oak, Michigan

I wanted to tell you the soaps were a big hit...everywhere from Amherst, MA to Steamboat Springs CO.  
Fran P.
Royal Oak, MI

have been using soap from  Earthly Delight Soap for about 5 years now.  I would never even consider using anything else.  Recently I went on a business trip, and forgot to pack my own soap.  What a disaster!  After three days of using commercial soap my skin was so dry and itchy!  When you get home from a trip it is always nice to sleep in your own bed.  However for this trip, it was heaven to get back to my Earthly Delight Soap.
It is always a delight to deal with your company.  Whenever I call,  whoever I talk with is always willing to take the time to help me with my soap choices.  My orders have always been received promptly as promised, and I appreciate being updated on new products available.  I can honestly say that I am so glad I discovered Earthly Delight Soap Company! 

Carol J.
Washington, DC 

Before I started using Earthly Delight Soap my skin would always be very dry especially in the winter. My favorite is the Lemon Crème. It leaves me feeling clean and fresh, and I no longer itch all the time.  It is the only soap I will use.
 Todd L.
Warren, MI

I was introduced to Earthly Delight Soaps 2 years ago and have been loving them ever since.  This year [2002] we decided to send all our grown children (all six of them spread out throughout the country!) a gift of your products for Christmas.  I'll tell you, never have we had so much thanks and appreciation for a gift.  At last, I have found something useful that all my children love.  All the packages arrived on time and they all just LOVED them.  I do believe we have a new holiday tradition: sending your wonderful soaps.  Thank you!
Vivian Mathews,
San Francisco, CA

We stayed at a Bed and Breakfast in Michigan last year, which is how I discovered your lovely soaps.  Not only do I order your soaps for our home now, I also check your site to find which B&B's carry your soaps because I know I'll find your soaps there and I also know they care enough to put out the very best and I'm assured its a quality B&B.  The only thing that upsets me is when I'm traveling and can't find a B&B on your site in the area I'm traveling to.  Can't you hurry up and get your soaps everywhere I go!
Susan B
Southfield, MI

                                  (Thanks Susan - we're trying!)

I love your soaps.  They smell delicious.  They're a treat before you evenstart using them... I store the unused bars in my linen closet and my pillowcases smell great!
Susan C.

Just wanted you to know we have been getting nice compliments on the soap (not one on [another commercial amenity soap Co.]).  The size doesn't seem to be too small at all, thank you again and we will be reordering from you again.

Springbrook Inn / East Bay Grille

I am a new purchaser of your product- I like the fragrances (and so many) and I can't believe how long that little bar lasts. From a guest [at our Bed and Breakfast] "I really like your natural soap". 
Dewey Lake Manor B&B
Brooklyn, MI

Your soaps, more than likely, were part of the reason guests voted us as Top 15 "Best in the Midwest" from Arrington's B&B Journal for 2003.

I hear compliments daily from guests who love the feel of the soap on their skin, enjoy the delightful scent, and even comment on the way the soap is wrapped.  Guests notice that this isn't just soap!

Cathy Russell
White Swan Inn B&B
303 S. Mears Ave.
Whitehall, MI  49461

Sandy,  My guest have really enjoyed your soap's.  They are truly that
"special added touch"  you don't get at hotels and motels.  I can't wait to see what other new scents you have.

Scott Marvin
Palmer House Inn B&B
108 W. Erie St.
Albion, MI  49224

Dear Sandy,
Thank you for the PERFECT soap samplers for the Mother/Daughter dinner favors at church.  Everyone loved them.

Victoria W.

I have been very satisfied with your products, especially the body butter. I use it on my two children (Amanda & Hannah) as well. The pine soap dish is also neat.
I am pleased that your company makes natural products. I think it is great and I am happy I stumbled  across your website, while looking for a recipe for Crumb cake.

With warm regards,
Melissa R.
New Hampshire