Privacy Policy

We are PCI compliant which insures your safety on our web site & off the web site. What that means is that we hire a huge processing firm that process your credit card safely and securely with all the updated technology available.  We pay big time for that service.  Sensitive information entered online is encrypted & transmitted using state of the art SSL (Secure Socket Layers) technology. We never store your CC# on the web, on a computer or in a drawer.   Like I tell people ALL the time: "Whenever you enter sensitive information on the web, glance at the address bar and make sure the letter "s" is after the "http".  Like this "https". "  That means the site owner pays annually a very pretty penny to make sure your credit card information is scrambled, coded and never stored on the internet or anywhere else for that matter.  

Then also know that some companys share the information you give them, like email addresses.  We NEVER ever share your personal information with anyone.   Period.