Everyone here at Earthly Delight Soap works hard for every dollar we make.  We know that YOU work hard for every dollar you make which is why we want you to be happy with every thing you buy from us.  If for some reason you are not 110 % happy with your purchase, let us know and we will make it right by either refunding your money when you return your order via mail (and we will even refund the shipping costs you paid to get the product and send back the product) or replacing a product if it some how slipped through and is not up to our and your standards.  Fill out the form below explaining why you want to return the item, even it's because, I dunno, you just don't like the shade of yellow or some such thing, and we'll instruct you how to get it back to us.

Life is too short to be unhappy with something you spend your hard earned money on and your time is too valuable to not be 110% happy with an internet purchase (which, as we all know can be surprising sometimes:).  So, don't worry when you order from us, we've been shooting straight from the hip since 1998 and we'll continue the same.