Pine Soap Dish, Rectangle

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Pine Soap Dish, Rectangle

A wonderfully simple and effective pine soap dish that allows for air circulation and prevents your soap from sitting in  water, thereby prolonging the life of our soap.

4 1/4" x 2 1/2"

Did you know the pine tree may be responsible for your freedom? 
By the end of the 17th century, Great Britain had few trees remaining which were suitable to be used as masts for merchant and naval ships. White pine trees were considered to be the best type of tree to use for these single-stick masts.   Each New Hampshire town's charter declared that the white pine tree which grew within the Colonies were property of the King of Great Britain, no matter who owned the land.  (uh, oh).  This meant that land owners were not allowed to cut any trees that had been marked by the Sheriff  to be saved for masts of ships.

At dawn on April 14th, 1772 in Weare, New Hampshire, mill owners rebelled and rioted against the King of Great Britain protesting the law  that "any white pine tree of the growth of 12 inches of diameter" could not be cut down by the any Colonist, even if it was on their land!   This insurrection is known as the Pine Tree Riot and was one of the first acts of rebellion by the American colonists against England that lead to the American Revolution.

What do you think of that?  One more reason to respect our forests!


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  • 5
    last forever

    Posted by marcee Grunow on 15th Jul 2010

    you will never have to buy another soap dish. I have had four of them for years-- work great and it is a natural wood product, no soap scum mess.

  • 5
    I've bought a dozen of these.

    Posted by RandyJo, Flushing, MI on 13th Jul 2010

    2 were for me, then I found them so nice I bought them for family & friends. They keep your soap from sitting in water & getting mushy.