The REAL dirt on Soap

Real Soap Dirt

small-dirt.jpgWhat is in your natural soap and will I need a dictionary or a translator in order to understand the ingredients?
You will not need a translator. Probably won't need a dictionary, either.  Our guess is if you can surf the internet you will definitly comprehend every element we place in our vegan soaps.  Read It

small-dirt.jpgIs Earthly Delight Natural Soap a lye soap? 
Yes. You cannot make soap without a lye. The "type" of lye we use is Sodium Hydroxide.  Read More

small-dirt.jpgI've been told that there is no Lye in Glycerin soap. With the belief that the law of physics are constant in our known universe, can glycerin soap really be Lye-free, if in fact you must have lye to make soap as you claim in your answer to the previous question?
(I /tap on forehead)  Read the Universal Truth Here


Can I use Earthly Delight Natural Soap on my face?
Yes.  Read It

small-dirt.jpgWhat's the big deal with scents?  Essential Oils, Fragrance Oil - what's the difference?
Read It

small-dirt.jpgCan natural soaps go bad or lose their scent?
Yep, they can.  Read It

small-dirt.jpgWhat makes your handmade soap different from what I buy at the store?
Store soap is cheap and crappy, our handmade natural soap is not.  Can you buy the Mona Lisa cheap? No, you can not.  Do you support fair living wages? We do.  Read More about abysmal soap making and our fine artisan made soap

small-dirt.jpgIs Earthly Delight Natural Soap the only company I can buy amazing artisan soap from that is environmentally friendy, animal cruelty-free, vegan, smells good and is gentle on my skin with a great lather and unique aromas?
Absolutely not!  I am happy to give you pointers, IMHO, on how to find amazing artisan soapmakers (although, you have already found the best:). Read It

small-dirt.jpgWhat exactly is a Loofa? or Loofah? or Luffa?
Read it 

small-dirt.jpgYou have answered a lot of questions, but the real question I have for you is this: Do you know what you are talking about? This answer is coming really soon.