What is in your natural soap and will I need a dictionary or a translator in order to understand the ingredients?

I know some people who think they are intellectuals.  I know I am not so scholarly, but rather fairly simple.  Quite frankly, while I love the self proclaimed academics in my life, if I ask them for a cup of coffee they tend to have a hard time comprehending the coffee making process with a new fangled coffee machine of today - like the kind you plug in the wall.   Their eyes glaze over, they look in pain and try to think of the nearest Star Bucks, where all coffee is truly born.  I love 'em, they are just kind of, well, slow.  So I have created a soap bar that even the Einstein-ish people of this world, (whom I love dearly), can understand the ingredients without the need to use the knowledge of that 200K PhD.
What's in our artisan soap:
  • Olive Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Organic Palm Oil
  • Spring Water
  • Sodium Hydroxide
  • Essential Oils, in some
  • Fragrance oils, in some
  • Herbs and/or dried flowers, in some
  • Dried foods, in some - like Oatmeal
  • Natural Colorants, in some - like iron oxides
  • Shea Butter, in some
  • Jojoba, in some
  • Almond Oil, in some
  • Cocoa Butter, in some
  • Castor Oil, in some
There you have it, the complete list of everything you'll find in our bars of home made natural soap, and you don't even need a PhD!